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Leapper is a US-based startup business consulting company, focused on helping businesses increase revenue and profitability through part-time management. We connect businesses with experienced consultants from our team who serve as part-time executives within our clients’ companies. 

With this new, unique, and market-disrupting method, we can provide our clients access to knowledge and expertise usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies, but for about 30% of the usual cost while enjoying more flexible terms.

After 30 years of working as business consultants for successful corporations, both big and small, we searched for a better way to serve clients and drive business growth. While watching the business world change rapidly before our eyes, we understood that traditional consulting models must change as well. 

So we partnered up and founded Leapper – A new way of hiring top-performing consultants who can actually do the work for you and not just advise

We can match you with fractional executives who are experts in Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Operations, Customer Success, HR, and Finance.

Fractional executives are highly seasoned professionals who offer part-time, strategic leadership and specialized expertise to businesses. They work alongside their client’s team, usually investing around 30 – 60 hours a month. This arrangement allows companies to access top-tier talent and guidance without the need for a full-time executive hire, resulting in cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

No. While marketplaces will match you with an executive from their pool, charge a placement fee, and move on – we are different. 

All of our executives are being professionally vetted and trained and we always stay involved in the project, supporting both our Leappers and our clients.  We analyze every client’s progress weekly and brainstorm on how to improve their performance.

Our pricing varies based on the amount of hours and expertise that is required for each project. 

We offer a free first assessment call to understand your needs better and find a solution that will fit your budget and result in a high ROI. 

As a rule of thumb, our services cost around 25%-30% of a full-time hire!

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! In the event of a “mismatch”, we will replace your executive at no additional cost!

No! We work on a month-to-month contract. We will never make you sign a long-term contract that will tie you to a service you no longer require. Our clients continue to use our services because the results speak for themselves.

Fractional manager VS Traditional Manager


Traditional Manager

$12,500 – $33,000 / MONTH


$150K-300K a year not including the cost of bonuses, taxes, benefits, 401k, sick days, etc.


Average 2-6 months to hire + train.


Long-term commitment.


Employee management and oversight is your responsibility.


One team member hired for a discrete role with limited availability. 


Recruiting only one employee risks mishiring, leading to a costly search for a replacement in the future.


Fractional Executive

$2000-$10,000 / MONTH


Usually 15-35% of the cost of a full-time hire.


Our Leappers start working for you as quickly as 2 weeks from the initial business assessment. 


Month to month contract.


We manage the fractional executive for you!


When you choose Leapper, you get a whole team at your disposal: an executive, professional assistant, and a dedicated customer success representative.


Leapper guarantees 100% satisfaction, and will replace your dedicated expert if needed.

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