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Driving high growth rates is hard.
We make it look easy.

While the national average growth rate is 3.8% a year, our clients are averaging a 24% growth rate per year! 

Once you decide to join the revolution and hire Leapper to grow your business, your dedicated expert will work intensely on getting the best results for your business.

How do we do it?

We will match you with a top tier executive from our team, who joins your business as a part-time manager for about 30% of the cost of a comparable full-time hire. 

Imagine how well your sales team could perform if a former American Express CSO steps in to train and manage them, or how effective your marketing strategy would be if the former CMO of McCan Ericksson runs it. Think about how efficient operations will be when a former CEO of an 8-figure company helps you manage your business…

Change is inevitable!

Meet the Leappers

Here are a few of our top preforming experts!

Why Leapper

We found a way to help small to medium businesses access knowledge and expertise usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies

Accessibility To Industry Experts

Our fractional experts have extensive success working in elite companies, and are ready to bring their expertise to your business. This level of business acumen is usually difficult and expensive to find when hiring a full-time employee. 

Since our Leappers have a proven track record, we are confident that hiring a leapper will lead you to your next business breakthrough. Imagine the results you will achieve when a Leapper is working for your business!

Cost And Time Saving

Typically, an in-house executive’s compensation, benefits, hiring costs, and bonuses can exceed $200k, and executives often expect equity options. Hiring a Leapper fractional executive costs between 15%-30% of the average in-house salary, while saving you the extra cost associated with recruitment. Additionally, our Leappers can start to work within 2 weeks, while full-time hires might take up to 6 -12 months to find and train. 

Flexibility and reduced risk

As a part-time or project based professional, a fractional manager can offer his or her expertise without the long-term commitment. This flexibility is particularly valuable for small-medium sized businesses or for companies that are expanding and don’t yet require a full-time hire.

Continuous Management

We will manage and train the professional for you. Leapper is committed to ensuring our fractional executives are always on top of industry trends and continuously developing their professional expertise. 

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Our differentiator

Can anyone do it alone?

Maybe. However, we back up our Leappers with a 360 multi-discipline support to ensure top-performance! 

We analyze every client’s progress weekly and brainstorm on how to improve your company’s performance (we are probably the only ones who do this)! We always make sure that your Leapper is maximizing the potential of your business, and giving them and you all the support needed! 

Alongside your executive, you will get a dedicated customer success team member and a personal assistant for your Leapper to ensure his/her hours are not being wasted, as well as access to our monthly webinars and other perks. 

We have built a dynamic team of partners all over the globe, in the event that additional support is required. We are well connected to the ‘Big 4’ Accounting Firms, leading Law Firms, and other professional service providers.

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100% satisfaction guarantee!

We guarantee 100 percent satisfaction, and offer fractional executive replacement at no additional cost should you need it.

Areas of Expertise


We drive revenue growth by identifying leads, nurturing client relationships, and closing deals that align with your products or services.


Our team develops strategies to promote brand awareness, generate leads, attract potential customers, and engage with audiences through various channels to drive interest and sales.


We manage talent acquisition, employee relations, and organizational development to ensure a motivated and skilled workforce that drives the company’s success.


Many Leappers are skilled in several areas! For smaller teams, we provide a fractional executive adept at managing multiple responsibilities. 


Jerry B.
Jerry B.
Business Owner
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Leapper helped me find a part-time manager who was really good at their job. They brought a lot of expertise to my team, which helped us make better decisions and work more efficiently. Leapper's way of providing part-time leaders is really different and it made a big difference in my business. I would recommend Leapper to any company looking for better hiring options.
Andrew K.
Andrew K.
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I can't express enough gratitude for the transformative impact Leapper had on my organization. Leapper is more than a service; it's a strategic partner that understands the unique needs of businesses, delivering exceptional value and results.
Albina V.
Albina V.
Read More
Leapper has redefined our marketing game. Their fractional executive service, which placed a part-time marketing manager in our business, not only transformed our strategy but brought in more leads than we could handle!
Amanda M.
Amanda M.
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Leapper consistently delivers a surge in sales that surpasses our capacity—highly recommended for businesses seeking unparalleled sales expertise!
Tal B.
Tal B.
Read More
We needed a chief marketing officer and chief strategy officer for our company, but we couldn't afford to hire two people. Luckily, we found Leapper and they were able to provide us with a person who could do both jobs for a cheaper price than we expected. We are happy with the person they found for us and plan to keep working with Leapper in the future.

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Join 150+ successful companies, and get yourself a Leapper

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