Hiring a Fractional Sales Manager in 2024

Hiring a Fractional Sales Manager

The Smart Guide to Onboarding a Fractional Sales Manager

The key to driving sustainable sales growth for your business is having strong sales leadership and strategy in place. However, hiring a full-time sales manager or VP can be a significant investment, especially for small and mid-size companies. This is where a fractional sales manager can provide tremendous value.

A fractional sales leader works on a part-time or project basis, bringing strategic guidance and hands-on expertise to boost your sales performance. With extensive experience and industry knowledge, a seasoned fractional sales head can transform your sales operation without needing a costly full-time resource.

Heads up on future profits as we cover all the key aspects of hiring a fractional sales manager to drive sales success for your business.

Benefits of Leveraging Fractional Sales Management

Hiring a Fractional Sales Manager for Sales Increase

The foremost benefit of bringing on a fractional sales leader is gaining sales expertise and leadership without having to hire a full-time resource. This provides tremendous flexibility and cost-efficiency. Some of the key advantages include:

Strategic Sales LeadershipFractional sales leaders offer high-level strategic guidance, optimizing various sales processes like lead generation, pipeline management, and sales coaching. Their experience provides insights often unavailable in other arrangements.
Proven Sales Management ExpertiseFractional leaders can make a tangible impact on sales within weeks, a faster onset of results compared to the months needed for a full-time executive’s onboarding and acclimation. This efficiency optimizes sales performance in a minimal timeframe.
Flexibility & Cost SavingsThe on-demand nature of fractional sales management allows for scaling expertise as per business requirements, offering significant savings (60-70%) compared to hiring a full-time executive, along with the absence of full-time team management.
Quick ImpactFractional leaders can make a tangible impact on sales within weeks, with a faster onset of results compared to the months needed for a full-time executive’s onboarding and acclimation. This efficiency optimizes sales performance in a minimal timeframe.

The main advantage of employing a fractional sales leader lies in the blend of sales expertise, leadership, flexibility, and cost-efficiency it offers. It’s a strategic choice for businesses looking to enhance their sales processes and outcomes without the commitment or expense of a full-time executive. This model is ideal for quickly adapting and responding to changing business needs and market conditions.

Evaluating Your Sales Management Needs

Before deciding to hire a fractional sales manager, the first step is clearly defining your sales management needs and objectives.

SectionKey PointsDescription
Introduction to Hiring a Fractional Sales ManagerStrong Sales LeadershipEmphasizes the importance of strong sales leadership and strategy for sustainable growth, especially for small and mid-size companies. Presents the fractional sales manager as a valuable, cost-effective alternative to full-time hires.
Part-time/Project BasisDescribes how a fractional sales leader works flexibly, either part-time or on a project basis, to bring strategic guidance and expertise to enhance sales performance.
Seasoned ExpertiseHighlights the extensive experience and industry knowledge that a seasoned fractional sales head brings, transforming sales operations without the cost of a full-time resource.
Benefits of Leveraging Fractional Sales ManagementStrategic Sales LeadershipFractional leaders provide high-level strategic guidance, improving sales processes like lead generation, pipeline management, and sales coaching.
Proven Sales Management ExpertiseThese executives have a track record of managing successful sales teams across industries, bringing best practices tailored to specific business needs.
Flexibility & Cost SavingsOffers the ability to scale expertise as needed, saving 60-70% in costs compared to a full-time executive, without needing a full-time team.
Quick ImpactFractional leaders deliver tangible sales results quickly, optimizing sales performance in a shorter timeframe than a full-time executive would require.
Evaluating Your Sales Management NeedsDefine Sales ChallengesSuggests assessing current sales challenges and pain points such as lead generation, sales conversions, and market expansion.
Identify Leadership GapsEncourages identifying what sales leadership capabilities are missing, like process optimization or coaching needs.
Set Growth GoalsAdvises setting clear sales growth goals and KPIs for the next 6-12 months to track progress.
Fractional Leader ExpertisePrompts consideration of what specific expertise a fractional leader can bring to address these needs.

This outlines the process and benefits of hiring a fractional sales manager, emphasizing their strategic value, especially for small and mid-size businesses. It guides you through understanding their sales management needs and objectives, and how a fractional sales leader can meet these requirements effectively and efficiently. The Leapper fractional executives will provide you with the resources for making the right choice on vetted fractional sales leaders.

Having clarity on your sales requirements will ensure you can select the right fit when hiring a fractional sales manager. The Leapper fractional executives have fully vetted fractional sales leaders to perfectly match your needs.

Key Capabilities of an Effective Fractional Sales Manager

To drive sales success, a fractional sales head must bring a diverse range of capabilities to the table. This includes sales leadership expertise, strategic perspective, operational excellence and hands-on guidance. Here are some must-have capabilities to look for:

Sales Leadership & StrategyThe ability to establish a clear sales vision, develop data-driven strategies, and set a direction for achieving targets. This involves understanding the broader objectives of the business and aligning the sales strategy accordingly.
Sales Process OptimizationIn-depth expertise in enhancing the entire sales pipeline. This includes improving lead management, refining sales methodologies, increasing conversion rates, and utilizing forecasting and analytics for better decision-making.
Performance ManagementSkilled in managing and motivating sales teams to achieve peak productivity. This encompasses setting clear goals, providing effective coaching, and designing compensation strategies that align with business objectives.
Scaling EnablementProviding guidance and resources to help sales representatives develop their skills rapidly. This involves offering training, content, and tools necessary for efficient selling at scale.
Tech & Data FluencyA strong understanding and utilization of CRM systems, sales engagement platforms, and data analytics. This capability is key for gaining insights into sales trends and boosting sales productivity through technological and data-driven approaches.

An effective fractional sales manager combines a blend of leadership, strategic insight, operational excellence, and hands-on guidance. Their expertise spans several domains including sales strategy, process optimization, team performance management, scaling enablement, and tech/data fluency. These capabilities are essential for driving sales success and are the hallmarks of a skilled fractional sales leader.

Finding and Selecting a Fractional Sales Leader

With a robust understanding of your sales objectives and fractional leadership requirements, the next step is finding and selecting the right sales head. Here is a step-by-step process for making the hiring decision:

Define Must-Have CapabilitiesDocument the specialized skills and experience beyond basic sales management competencies that are needed for your specific business context, such as industry-specific knowledge or market experience.
Research FractionalExplore leading fractional executive firms like Leapper, which provide access to a pool of extensively vetted sales talent. These companies help match your business with the most suitable fractional leaders based on your specific requirements.
Screen CandidatesConduct initial calls and interviews with shortlisted candidates from. Focus on assessing their experience, leadership style, strategic thinking, and how well they would fit into your company culture.
Define the Engagement ModelDiscuss and establish the details of the fractional engagement, including its scope, frequency, and duration. Engagement models can vary, ranging from part-time ongoing support to short-term fixed-term strategic projects.
Review CostsCarefully evaluate the fee structure, which could be based on an hourly rate or a retainer, along with any additional expenses. Assess the flexibility for scaling the engagement up or down and understand the overall costs in relation to the expected sales impact.

The process of finding and selecting a fractional sales leader involves a series of strategic steps, starting from defining the essential capabilities to researching and screening candidates, and finally defining the engagement model and reviewing costs. Each step is crucial in ensuring that the chosen fractional sales leader is the best fit for the company’s unique sales objectives and culture.

Structuring an Effective Fractional Sales Consulting Engagement

When onboarding a fractional sales leader, the engagement model and expectations must be structured correctly from the start to drive maximum impact. Here are key aspects to define:

Strategic AlignmentEnsure that there is a mutual understanding and agreement on sales objectives, growth targets, metrics, and executive responsibilities. This alignment is crucial for setting a clear direction and goals for the engagement.
Stakeholder Buy-InInvolve the sales team, representatives, and other leadership in the process. Their input is essential for fostering engagement and ensuring smooth interactions throughout the engagement.
GovernanceSet up regular meetings and check-ins with the fractional executive leadership, sales representatives, and company leadership. These touchpoints are vital for tracking progress and addressing any issues timely.
Impact ScorecardDevelop a clear set of sales metrics, funnels, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to quantitatively measure the impact of the fractional consulting on sales outcomes. This scorecard will be a key tool in assessing the effectiveness of the engagement.

Properly structuring the engagement with a fractional sales leader is key to maximizing their impact. This involves ensuring strategic alignment, gaining stakeholder buy-in, establishing effective governance, and setting up an impact scorecard to track progress. Each of these aspects contributes to a successful and valuable consulting engagement, ensuring that the business fully benefits from the expertise of the fractional sales leader.

Measuring the Impact of a Fractional Sales Leader

One of the biggest advantages of leveraging fractional sales leadership is the ability to precisely measure ROI and sales impact. Here are effective methods for tracking fractional sales management effectiveness:

Measurement MethodDescription
Sales Performance BenchmarksSet specific sales metrics and KPIs that align with your growth goals, such as sales cycle rates, lead conversion rates, and deal sizes. Monitor these metrics throughout the duration of the fractional engagement to track progress and trends.
Sales Process ImprovementsEvaluate the optimizations and improvements made by the fractional leader in areas like sales methodology, competency development, and funnel management. Document these changes and their corresponding impacts on sales outcomes.
Sales Team DevelopmentMeasure the enhancements in sales coaching, training, role clarity, and tool adoption under the fractional leader’s guidance. The uplift in the sales team’s capabilities is a crucial indicator of the leader’s impact.
Cost Impact AnalysisConduct a comparative analysis of the costs of the fractional engagement against the actual sales outcomes achieved. This should include factors like revenues earned, deals closed, and pipeline growth that can be attributed to the fractional leader’s involvement.

Tracking the effectiveness of a fractional sales leader is essential for understanding their impact on sales performance and ROI. By establishing benchmarks, assessing process improvements, gauging team development, and analyzing cost impact, businesses can obtain a clear and tangible view of the benefits brought by the fractional sales leader. This consistent measurement of key metrics underscores the value of the flexible, on-demand model in optimizing sales consulting.

Scaling the Fractional Sales Leadership Engagement

The on-demand flexibility is a major plus with the fractional consulting model. Based on sales outcomes achieved, you can scale the fractional sales leader engagement seamlessly in multiple ways:

Scaling AspectStrategyDescription
Expand ScopeIncrease Engagement DaysIntensify the fractional leader’s involvement by adding more days to address additional objectives such as entering new markets or restructuring sales operations.
Leverage Specialized SkillsEngage Complementary TalentUtilize other fractional professionals with specialized skills, like operations or sales enablement, to create a targeted impact on sales.
Extend EngagementRenewable Consulting ContractsProlong the fruitful partnership with the fractional leader by extending the current contract or setting up renewable consulting agreements.
Convert to Full-timeFull-time Executive TransitionIf the fractional leadership proves highly successful, consider transitioning this relationship into a full-time executive role for maximum ROI.

The on-demand and flexible nature of the fractional consulting model offers the agility to scale sales leadership in various ways. Whether it’s expanding the scope, leveraging specialized skills, extending the engagement, or even transitioning to a full-time role, this approach adapts to evolving business needs, enhancing sales leadership support effectively.

Key Takeaways on Hiring a Fractional Sales Manager

The right sales leadership plays a fundamental role in driving profitable business growth. Hiring an expert fractional sales manager allows for gaining sales strategy and execution expertise without the overhead of a full-time executive.

With the above guide on objectives, selection, and impact measurement, you can effectively leverage fractional sales talent to meet your sales goals. The on-demand flexibility also allows you to scale the engagement as business needs evolve.

Embrace fractional sales management to gain a sustained competitive advantage for your sales function.

Next Steps for Leveraging Fractional Sales Leadership

Once you decide to move forward with a fractional sales leader, quick next steps will ensure you capitalize on sales wins rapidly. Here are the recommended actions:

1Document Sales ObjectivesOutline detailed sales goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), challenges, and specific requirements.
2Research and ShortlistIdentify and list potential fractional sales heads who align with your specific needs.
3Initiate ConversationsStart discussions with fractional sales candidates, focusing on strategic and relevant questions.
4Begin EngagementOfficially engage with the chosen fractional leader, ensuring there is a clear agreement on vision, metrics, and governance.
5Implement RecommendationsApply the strategies and operational changes recommended by the fractional leader to enhance sales performance.
6Track Metrics and ROIFrom the outset, monitor sales metrics and the return on investment (ROI) provided by the fractional sales leader.

With the above framework across selection, onboarding, and measurement, hiring a fractional sales manager will deliver tremendous sales impact. Now is the time to transform your sales function with fractional sales talent.


In summary, leveraging fractional sales consulting from experts like Leapper provides a strategic, cost-effective approach to transforming your sales function. Leapper offers elite fractional sales talent that can rapidly realign your sales vision, processes, and team execution to drive breakthrough growth.

Key benefits include sales expertise without significant overhead, maximum flexibility to scale on-demand, and proven leadership in advancing revenues, conversions, productivity and capabilities. Quantitative tracking also highlights the definitive sales impact delivered by the fractional relationship.

To propel your sales to new heights, contact Leapper today at (855) 510-2177 or visit https://leapper.com/contact. Their team of fractional sales specialists will partner with you to boost sales leadership and strategy tailored to your business needs, fueling accelerated growth and competitive advantage. The time is now to experience the Leapper difference in elevating your sales function.


What are the benefits of hiring a fractional sales manager?

A fractional sales manager provides seasoned sales leadership and expertise without the overhead of hiring a full-time resource. Key advantages include cost flexibility, quick strategic impact, and scalable on-demand support. Unlike full-time executives, fractional consulting immediately uplifts sales with proven execution strategies tailored to your business.

How can a fractional sales manager strategically transform my sales function?

An experienced fractional leader thoroughly analyzes your sales processes, team capabilities, and market landscape to devise data-backed strategies. They introduce best practices around optimizing pipelines, elevating sales competencies, boosting conversions, and expanding markets. The fractional model rapidly realigns sales vision, goals, enablement and operations for breakthrough outcomes.

What sales impact metrics should I track for fractional consulting?

Quantify the fractional sales leader’s impact by benchmarking metrics like revenue growth, deals closed, sales cycles, activity rates, win rates, funnel velocity, and capability uplift. Compare pre and post-fractional engagement sales KPIs to analyze improvements driven by the fractional relationship. Tracking metrics highlights consulting ROI and opportunities to scale the partnership.

How can I scale the fractional sales partnership for further growth?

The on-demand fractional model allows seamlessly expanding consulting scope to fuel further sales impact. You can increase fractional days for bigger objectives, leverage specialized fractional skills like sales ops, extend fixed contracts, or convert the leader to a full-time executive role. The agility supports scaling sales leadership as needs grow.

What does the process look like to onboard a fractional sales manager?

Start by aligning the fractional sales manager on business objectives, growth targets, metrics, and executive responsibilities. Foster stakeholder buy-in from sales reps to smoothen interactions. Establish periodic touchpoints to review progress against an impact scorecard. Structure the fractional relationship correctly upfront to maximize ROI.

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