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What Is a fractional cMO?

A fractional CMO is a Part-Time Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for leading the marketing department and developing strategy. Fractional CMOs typically work with businesses that need an executive-level marketing officer, but not in a full-time capacity. 

Why Leapper

Accessibility To Industry Experts

Our fractional experts have extensive success working in elite companies, and are ready to bring their expertise to your business. This level of business acumen is usually difficult and expensive to find when hiring a full-time employee. 

Since our Leappers have a proven track record, we are confident that hiring a leapper will lead you to your next business breakthrough. Imagine the results you will achieve when a Leapper is working for your business!

Cost And Time Saving

Typically, hiring a decent marketing agency can cost $4000-$10,000 a Month! Hiring a Leapper marketing manager costs much less than that, while providing you with a much more of a complete solution! We will generate you leads, work on your brand awerness, and build funnels that will actually close those deals! 

Flexibility and reduced risk

As a part-time or project based professional, a fractional manager can offer his or her expertise without the long-term commitment. This flexibility is particularly valuable for small-medium sized businesses or for companies that are expanding and don’t yet require a full-time hire.

Continuous Management

We guarantee 100 percent satisfaction, and offer fractional executive replacement at no additional cost should you need it. Rest assured – We monitor your fractional executive’s progress and conduct weekly check in meetings. Leapper is committed to ensuring our fractional executives are always on top of industry trends and continuously developing their professional expertise. 

Why Hire a Leapper CMO instead of a marketing agency?

Leapper is changing marketing for good.

Business owners are tired of maketing agencies. They are tired of missed deadlines, wasted budgets, low quality leads, and agencies that blindly run their ads, hoping that leads will close. 

We created Leapper to solve these common issues, using our proven model. Leapper inserts a dedicated CMO into your business, to build a customized strategy, create campaigns and ads, manage social media accounts, build sales funnels, and much more. Since our CMOs work with a limited number of clients at any given time, they are able to give your business the attention it deserves, while still saving you money.


Jerry B.
Jerry B.
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they expertly paired me with a part-time manager who brought invaluable expertise to my team. The impact was immediate – from enhanced strategic decision-making to improved operational efficiency. Leapper's innovative approach to fractional leadership has proven to be a game-changer for my business, and I highly recommend their services to any organization seeking better hiring solutions.
David S.
David S.
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I can't express enough gratitude for the transformative impact Leapper had on my organization. Leapper is more than a service; it's a strategic partner that understands the unique needs of businesses, delivering exceptional value and results.
Albina V.
Albina V.
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Leapper has redefined our marketing game. Their fractional executive service, specifically a part-time marketing manager, not only transformed our strategies but brought in more leads than we could handle!
Amanda Mor T.
Amanda Mor T.
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With their fractional executive service, particularly a part-time sales manager, our strategies have been refined to perfection. The results speak for themselves—Leapper consistently delivers a surge in sales that surpasses our capacity—highly recommended for businesses seeking unparalleled sales expertise!
Tal B.
Tal B.
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Our company size did not justify a full-time CMO and CSO, even though we needed it! We found Leapper. They were able to find us 1 person, that could do both, and cost us half of what we were planning to spend!

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